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We don't know exactly how much the final Hyetis Crossbow watch will resemble the original renders when it is released, but we do know that it will share a movement platform with the Hyetis REDLINE, which is the caliber RDL-001. Further, we have a view of the the dial and flange ring sent to us by Hyetis. Note that they intentionally obstructed parts of the dial in order to show it as a teaser, but it does confirm that the analog hands over the OLED screen concept will happen. Just as a reminder, the Hyetis concept was to produce a Swiss smartwatch that combines a traditional automatic mechanical movement with an electronic system and screen. The hands over the dial are connected to the mechanical movement, while everything is part of the computer.

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Blacc’s association with IWC actually inspired his biggest hit to date, “Wake Me Up” – a worldwide #1 chart topper, both in the uplifting version made in collaboration with EDM superstar Avicii and the more acoustic, soulful take on Blacc’s latest solo album, 2014’s Lift Your Spirit. That triumph built on the success of Blacc’s breakthrough 2010 single, “I Need a Dollar,” which proved his first global smash.

Breitling offers three dial colors for each of the new Breitling Colt collection watches that consists of Volcano Black, Mariner Blue, and Stratus Silver. Versions such as the Breitling Colt Chronograph mix these colors in the chronograph subdials. The black-dialed Breitling Colt watches will likely once again be the most popular versions for consumers, but the blue and silvery white dials should not be overlooked.

The idea is for the Konstantin Chaykin Genius Temporis to offer the wearer the ability to enjoy the pleasure of wearing a single-handed watch, but to also offer the practicality of knowing the time down to the precise minute when needed. Having seen it in operation, I can tell that the minutes are only indicated when the pusher is depressed, and when the wearer removes their finger, the hand snaps back to indicating the hour. The concept is clever, and also novel, as far as I know. It is certainly the type of thing that I would expect from the innovative mind of Mr. Chaykin.

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