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I wonder how many Astrodea owners carry around the 10x magnifying glass (included) with them, you really need it to appreciate the ridiculous level of detail in this beautiful watch face. Something tells me that looking at the watch might be a bit profound each time to glance at your wrist. Citizen was so clever in making the hands thin, but stand out well when you are trying to tell the time. As you can imagine, this niche line of watches is rare outside of Japan, though its uniqueness has made it available online. Prices are about 0 for the various Citizen Astrodea watches.

This Limited Edition run of 4,999 pieces, presumably missing one for Danica herself, are super hot. A price tag of 5 proves Tissot's commitment to "democratic luxury." Their term, not mine, but I absolutely love it.

My TW Steel Canteen TW 1 Watch Review On

My TW Steel Canteen TW 1 Watch Review On

Born in Hartford, Mr. Pittsinger now resides with his wife, Patricia Schuman, and their two children on the Connecticut shoreline, where he enjoys fishing, sailing, and golfing.

Hamilton Seaview Automatic Diver Watch

Hamilton Seaview Automatic Diver Watch

As for my Rolex Cellini Danaos, purchased in Geneva, I love the Sinatra-style qualities of this model. Classic. Smooth.

Tag Heuer Formula 1 Grande Date Watch Watch Releases

For X, insert China. For widget Foo, insert mechanical watches. They're not yet at the stage of threatening the high-end Japanese or Swiss manufactures, but it's fascinating to see them work closer to that goal.

Bill Paxton Wears IWC Aquatimer Chrono-Automatic Watch In Big Love Season 3 Feature Articles It took me the better part of season three so far to spot this watch. I knew that earlier seasons of Big Love (on HBO) had Bill Paxton (playing as character Bill Henrickson) wearing an Omega Speedmaster. This was likely out of his own collection. Season three sees him wearing something similar looking on camera (both steel with black and white faces), but a different watch. I eventually decided that it was an IWC Aquatimer Chrono-Automatic. It look a lot of pausing and staring to figure this out (trust me). This is a good choice for a man with three wives, and a ton of duties on his plate. When he is not "living the principle" the character acts as a strong businessman and Salt Lake City responsible citizen!

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Linde Werdelin Watches At Baselworld 2009 Video


You'll notice that three dial colors are available. Rubber and steel straps are available, with the exception of the blue faced model that apparently only comes with the steel bracelet. The bracelet itself features a diver's extension in case you were wondering. Retail price of the new line is about ,600. Expect a solid street price at just over ,000. I'd say that is a reasonable prices given the design, Tag Heuer name, and solid reputation behind the brace.

Rocking in at a solid 40mm diameter, the black PVD coated steel case is beyond anything I could have dreamed of for a hott women's watch. RSW offers the dial plates in black, grey, or white, depending on how much of a statement you are willing to make. I have only seen the black on black model, and so far that's enough for me. I'm in love.

The most notable new feature is the guilloche machine engraved dial. See the images for a closeup of the fine decoration that isn't at all distracting. It works very well with the substantial hour indicators. Best part is how the 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock hour indicators are all faceted. Never cliche, the Diavolo is an extremely well polished watch. The mirror finish makes it a grandly assertive statement on your wrist - and at about 44mm wide, people will notice. While it features the same case as the chronograph version of the Diavolo is just feels so different. The dial of the watch has been influenced by one of my favorite luxury sport watches of all time, the Roger Dubuis Easy Diver SAW K10 watch. You'll notice the similar hour indicators. This is no accident, and Marcello C. specifically wanted to make sure it reminded people of one of the best looking diving watches out there. The difference is that while the Roger Dubuis is Swiss luxury watch priced in the many thousands of dollars - the Marcello C. Diavolo will be under 00 (including overnight shipping).

Sea-Gull M 177 Automatic Classic-Styled Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

I was flattered by this article on The article mentioned me a few times and included a few quotes. Randall at had an idea to comment on the effect that watches have on people and their image aside from style. I chose this image of Alexander the Great to sum up his sentiments on what certain watches are all about. The theme was discussing the concepts of "Status, Power, and Conquest" in relation to watches. You can read the article here, and I think you'll appreciate the gist of what he has to say. I feel honored that people either read my articles and get inspired or get inspired and stumble upon my articles. Although not the same era, here is a Roman inspired watch by Italian watch maker Zannetti watches. This model is called the Gladiatore Imperio. A cool looking Roman style decorate watch with the term "Vedi Vidi Vici" etched inside of the bezel. See the article at here.

The watch case is 44mm wide, housing an ETA 2824-2 automatic movement, with a sapphire crystal on the dial. The watch also comes in a beautiful handmade wooden box that really sweetens the deal. All in all I think this watch is a great value, and I highly recommend checking out New Zealand's own, Magrette watches.

The Royal Oak Offshore Survivor however may not suit quite everybody, being to my mind just a little over the top macho-wise. A rather butch sort of creation complete with its video hype style. It may only be 42mm wide, but add in the great button cage style protectors bolted on to the side of the very deep case which at over ½” will not suit the small wrested, it perhaps looks dare I say a touch cumbersome and certainly unlikely to be seen in the dress circle at the Opera. It also portrays itself as, and certainly in looks like a “divers” watch, yet at 100m water resistance this is the bare minimum for a true Divers watch and I’ve seen no mention of the divers standard ISO 6425 in any of the literature or of the "divers" logo stamped anywhere.

Sea-Gull M 177 Automatic Classic-Styled Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Sickly Spectacular Goldvish And Frederic Jouvenot Revolution Mobile Phone + Watch Watch Releases

Is it a bad thing that watch parts are coming from China? Not necessarily. Like most places, China produces good and bad things. In a culture that celebrates speed and volume, as well as inexpensive manufacturing, the common promise has been something like "70% of the quality that you are used to, for 30% of the price." Most manufactures simply can't say no to that. Especially with many local (outside of China) production costs. This fact has resulted in a perception that Chinese goods are not as well made as those costing more. Well, you do get what you pay for. That fact does not always apply to Chinese goods. While China does make a lot-  less than stellar quality goods, that isn't to say they can't get things right when they want to.

For all intents and purposes this is going to be the flagship iconic Louis Moinet watch, in my opinion. First, the style of the watch goes directly toward what the brand wants you to think of when you see the watches — that being the masterworks and technical drawings of French watch making master Louis Moinet. US President of Louis Moinet said to me that in his opinion, many of the watches are sort of a speculation of what would have occurred if Louis Moinet and Jules Verne created if they met each other and decided to make a timepiece. Accordingly, there are currently two Jules Verne watches in the Louis Moinet collection as part of this fun fantasy idea.

The more time I spend with innovative independent watch makers, the most I find myself being drawn to that world. Nubeo is one of my newest favorites because founder Ivan Castro is first a jewelry man, second a watch maker. The sentiment translates into a totally unique interpretation into watch design as well as construction ethic. He is a humble guy, but has a no tolerance attitude for deviations from his strict concepts of quality in both aesthetic and construction. These are a few watches from one of his first lines of watches, the Jellyfish. There is also the Black Jellyfish, and Medusse (which is the women's line). Then for the ceramic built versions, they are called the Keramik watches. All of these are based on the same type of design. The Jellyfish looks comes out best when you turn the watch on its side and look at the outline shape. Looks like the profile of a jellyfish right? All Nubeo watches has this theme of "organic" influence, and it works really well for the brand.

See Daniel Roth watches on eBay here.

With the subtle hour indicators appliqued upon the dial, the focus is definitely on the moonphase indicator. And, of course, the diamonds.

The dial is finished with a radial pattern, which is subtly done and quite pretty. As you change the angle, the reflections precess around the dial, yet the effect is not flashy or obtrusive. The hands are quite good, with minute and hour polished and sporting center stripes of white lume. The second hand is the sole color on the watch or dial, at a nice blued-steel color. It's almost certainly blue paint, but attractive nonetheless. Look at the hour markers - they're nicely faceted and quite well done: Now Available On Your Amazon Kindle Evolving ABTW

The watch keeps good time, within a few seconds per day. Handwinding is a bit rough, and the crown had a bit of a burr that I removed with a small file. A bit rough around the edges, you might say.

Despite the unorthodox design of the case, the Cameo is still water resistant to 100 meters. No doubt the screw down crown and screw secured caseback assist this. I like knowing that I don’t need to be too delicate with the watch, as it is perfect for causal or formal wear. The rear of the watch features an exhibition caseback with a view into the moderately decorated movement. Perlage polishing coat some exposed parts of the movement, with cotes de Geneve polish is applied to the Temption signed rotor. A few nice details are included on the back — including the numbered watch as part of the 500 limited edition, as well as part of Temption’s design theory in Latin, “pulchritudo in claritate,” or “beauty and simplicity.” On the side of the case is a tiger's eye gem cabochon set in the crown.

The watch keeps good time, within a few seconds per day. Handwinding is a bit rough, and the crown had a bit of a burr that I removed with a small file. A bit rough around the edges, you might say.

Two strap options are available for this watch. A textured rubber strap or the classic looking metal bracelet which is a great hybrid between a jubilee bracelet, and what you'd find on a Rolex Submariner. See what I mean? Inside the watch is quartz movement, which this series has always had. Yea, I prefer mechanical movements, but for some reason this watch just seems more suited to having a high quality quartz, so I am not disappointed there - and again, for the price it will be a good deal. My choice is going to be the black dial with the metal bracelet, and I will likely end up getting one when they are released soon. Image update: Jason Pitsch has some images of the Tag Heuer Formula 1 Grande Date watch taken from Baselworld posted here.