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Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Réserve de Marche Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Written by James Stacey

The Opus 4 - This dual-sided grand complication comes from none other than Christophe Claret (creator of the X-Trem-1 and 21 Blackjack). Featuring a tourbillon, minute repeater, moon phase and date all packed into a 44mm platinum case which can be worn with either dial facing up, it was surprising that this example of such a limited Opus (only 20 units made) would fail to find a buyer. A rare and unique watch like the Opus 4 likely needs a fairly rare and unique buyer, or perhaps the 0,000 - 0,000 estimated (and the corresponding reserve) was simply too high (lot 4987).

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Make It A Christmas To Remember!

Hublot Watch Winder Safe By Dottling Luxury Items

Los Angeles is the first US city with a dedicated Patek Philippe brand boutique store (previously discussed here), and I got a chance to check it out recently. I have to say, the ambiance there is really lovely. While there I had a rare opportunity to interview Patek Philippe President Thierry Stern. I discussed the unique interview in more detail in an article on Forbes (that I recommend you read here). In addition to sharing that article, you can check out some images of the boutique and the interview video below.

The steel case is cleverly designed. I like the shape and the brushed finishing as well as the design of the pushers. The case is also available in PVD black if you prefer. The pusher design consists of a rubberized ring around the entire case. On there are the four pushers (two on each side). It makes none of them stick out, but they are easy to see and press. The strap design is a bit strange with the strap being cut and then reattached with the metal pieces. I don't know how durable it is, but it does make the piece look a bit more cool. I think it is also to help the strap wrap around your wrist better. I've seen i-Gucci watches with a ton of strap styles. Some even seem to be in alligator printed latent leather. On these watches are rubber straps with a perforation style texture to them. They end with a push-button butterfly style deployant.

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Omega's Extract Of The Archives - How It Works

I was able to view the gear work in action while the Writer was operating. For me, this was as impressive as what the Writer was actually doing. Anyone interested in clock work of any kind will be mesmerized by the mechanism. It begs dozens of questions in regard to how the machine was made and where the talent seemed to come from. Actually, the more time you spend in the watch world, the more you learn how there is little to no new technology or designs (only new materials and manufacturing practices). Even some of the watch industries most sophisticated achievements are 200 or more years old.

Antoine Martin Tourbillon Quantieme Perpetual Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Google, which own YouTube, has implemented a range of ad formats on the extremely popular website. Advertising on YouTube is mostly contextual and automated. This means that advertisements are matched to videos that are contextually or demographically related to the advertisement. YouTube of course an innumerable wealth of content and probably billions of daily video views that can host advertisements. However, YouTube does not place advertising on all types of content. Users who upload videos to the service must be invited to be part of YouTube's partner network before any content can be ad supported. This helps ensure that videos which may appear after or near ads meet certain legal and quality standards.

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Christian Bernard Sale Now On at World of Watches: Huge Savings of Up to 85% off While Offers Last.

However, the advent of social media has allowed users to exchange actual photographs and reviews of watches and other Chopard products. Part of what aBlogtoRead.com does is offer precisely this type of media. At least I for one have found that seeing a product review by a trusted person online is the next best thing to seeing a product in person. In many cases that is enough to induce purchase. Chopard and other brands have carefully seen the success of gray market retailers online selling watches which ought to be proof enough that online sales are not something they should ignore.

Romain Jerome Space Invaders Watches Hands-On Hands-On

The back of the case has a sapphire exhibition caseback which is tinted green. It makes the movement look green all over, which is neat with MARCH LA.B's custom rotor. The tinting is a mere gimmick (which many other brands have done as well), but it still nevertheless looks cool. Inside the watch you are looking at a Swiss ETA 2892 automatic movement. Most people would just assume that these watches use the slightly less expensive ETA 2824 movements, but no... MARCH LA.B watches like their 2892 automatics. I can't really complain about that.

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A Very Rare Skeleton Speedmaster Jubilee 27 Chro C12

Let's discuss the Amadeo "convertible case" for a moment. While the case design is unique the Cambiano, it is within the Bovet Amadeo case family. These cases came out a few years ago and transform into a few styles. Basically, you can detach the straps and open a "foot" on the back of the watch. There is also an optional chain attachment. What this all does is offer a timepiece that can be a wrist watch, desk clock, pendant watch, or pocket watch. While it is a good idea for a Bovet brand person to show you how to properly transform the watch, it is a logical and well-engineered system. What I like best is that the straps feel really secure once they are attached to the case. If someone hadn't shown me how it worked, it would not have surprised me if the straps felt loose or wobbly when attached. That isn't the case here.

To create the look of the dial, Hublot used a tinted sapphire crystal for much of the dial. On it are applied ruthenium-coated hour markers with bright white lume and matching hands. The chronograph here has only one subdial and measures 60 minutes. The movement also has the time and date of course. Over the dial is another sapphire crystal that is AR coated.

Speaking of Brown Safe, this article is supposed to be about their Chronos units. A range of high-end safes meant for those with a lot of watches and jewelry to keep secure. Brown Safe currently works with American Orbita to outfit the Chronos with a customizable amount of watch winder modules. The Chronos also can include all manners of shelves and drawers for jewelry and other smaller items. One cool option is the watch carousel, which is a vertical stack of winders that rotates for you to find your watches as though you were browsing for greeting cards.

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One For The Road: The IWC Replica in an AMG Roadster

Hour and minutes information transmitted via ceramic ball bearings to rotating domes.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Grande Reverso Duoface Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Anyway. The 4,000M is a massive 45mm by 17.5mm, with 6mm AR-coated sapphire crystal, bidirectional ceramic bezel locking system and special glued and screw system for the crystal. Despite the abyssal rating, it does not need a helium escape valve, as the superior case seals preclude helium from ever intruding. SuperlumiNova applied liberally, of course. Weight is 205g on rubber, 305g on bracelet. It looks to be a brick of serious steel.

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Blue Dial Omega Speedmaster Professional 145.012-68

Another area where titanium is excellent at is corrosion resistance (e.g. its resistance to rusting). It is so good that it is almost impossible to rust titanium. It is impervious to all acids but nitric acid. And nitric acid is something you do not come nearby in your daily life. It’s corrosion resistance is similar to that of platinum, and in terms of engineering metals only zirconium can beat titanium for corrosion resistance. This corrosion resistance is the key to the hypoallergenic properties of titanium. It is so inert due to the oxide layer that forms on its surface, that it does not react with human body - thus being the material of choice for many medical applications.

Baselworld Best: Timepieces To Watch In 2012 Shows & Events

Another interesting art watch is the last one shown being the Rotonde de Cartier 42mm watch, white gold, tiger motif, enamel grisaille. By the way, each of the 2012 Cartier art collection watches contain Cartier in-house made caliber 430 MC or 9601 MC manually wound mechanical movements. Enamel grisaille is basically a form on black and gray enamel work - here used to create the face of a tiger. The result is a crisp animal in black and white tones, with an almost life-like face aside from the watch hands  sticking out of the predatory cat's nose. I try to convince myself they look like additional whiskers but alas, they only tell the time. Good for big game hunters back at the safari lodge, this watch will be limited to 100 pieces and reportedly requires about 40 hours of enameling work on each one.

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Reader's Story On His Omega Speedmaster 145.022-69 Purchase

This 42mm dive-ready chronograph features a number of changes over the 40.5 mm Tribute design we saw earlier this year. The vintage lume has thankfully been replaced with crisp white SuperLumiNova, the two register display has been upgraded to to a trio of matched sub dials and the fixed bezel of the vintage-inspired model has been swapped out in favor of an ISO 6425 compliant unidirectional rotating bezel. I find the overall design is reminiscent of the Omega Speedmaster, but that is likely due to its largely monochrome color scheme and piston-style pushers. I am a huge fan of dressy divers so it is of little surprise that I think this new JLC looks great and that I really appreciate a style that makes as much sense while out for dinner as it does while diving.

401.NX.0123.GR (BIG BANG FERRARI TITANIUM) 1000-piece limited edition

Rolex Deepsea Challenge Watch Goes To Bottom Of The Ocean Watch Industry News

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OMEGA Speedmaster Professional Moonphase 3575.20

Romain Jerome's relationship with classic video games continues with their newest watch in honor of PAC-MAN. Namco's (today Namco Bandai) PAC-MAN arcade game is probably one of the most recognizable video games in history and originally came out in 1980. Following the success of the Space Invaders watch (hands-on here), Romain Jerome will soon release this high-end limited edition timepiece for those who remember their joystick youth.

Over the dial is an AR coated sapphire crystal and the case is water resistant to 100 meters. While the crown might look inset, it is comfortable to operate. Legibility is actually not bad either. Dials like this can often have the hands blend into the dial, but that is not as much of an issue here as it can be in other designs. There are thin strips of lume in the hands and hour markers.

The bezel is designed after diving watch bezels from the 1950s. Usually a watch like this would have a tachymeter style bezel, and I am glad that it does not. Unfortunately, the dive-style bezel is only for looks and to give another hour/minute scale. It does not rotate. That isn't a really big deal, but having a moving bezel would have been amazing in my opinion. Dial legibility is really good and hands are all the right length. Inside of the watch is a Swiss ETA 2894 automatic chronograph movement. Bell & Ross retains the date, but removes the 12 hour counter to make it a bi-compax chronograph measuring up to 30 minutes. It is a very clean and attractive dial that for me looks perfect in black (other non "Sport" versions of similar watches have the dial in silver as well). On the rear of the watch is an exhibition caseback window.

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