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One of the things I noticed as I was shadowing Ariel at the SIHH, was the fact that everyone seemed to know him. I mean, everyone from the top brass of the big brands to the PR people, to other journalists, to those on the periphery of the watch industry. It was difficult to move through the convention when we would be stopped every ten steps by someone greeting Ariel.

Unless your watch requires a special strap, you should be able to use a NATO strap with just about any watch that has a straight spring or screw bar between the lugs. We admit that red,white, and blue NATO straps are on the 'louder side,' but on a holiday where we celebrate with fireworks, I think you need to be loud. They also work as a great summer strap on both modern and vintage timepieces. When buying a strap, make sure to measure the width of your current strap so that you can order correctly. Most straps are between about 20-24mm wide. Not all red, white, and blue stripes on NATO straps are the same. Most have three stripes, but others can have five or more. Also note that you should match the buckle and bars with your case color (you can normally get steel, black, and gold toned metal on the straps).

Gustafsson & Sjogren Winter Watch & Holiday Wishes Watch Releases

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Where Casio offers a range of outdoors watches in other timepiece collections, the G-Shock collection has become its urban jungle watch with a combination of durability, style, and functions such as a stopwatch (chronograph), calendar, world time, and backlight (among others) that makes sense in people's day-to-day lives. More recently G-Shock models have begun to borrow technology from Pro Trek models such as a compass or thermometer. Aside from Bluetooth phone connectivity, your humble G-Shock hasn't really gained any novel features for a long time, until now. Finally, you can blow in your watch and get your blood alcohol reading letting you know whether you should cab it or not.

Recently, we spoke with the Rolex boutique in Beverly Hills, and they confirmed that Rolex has about 2,000 SKUs even though there are only a few product families to choose from. That effectively means that there are tons of available Rolex watches to choose from. And that doesn't even include Rolex's rather intense catalog of vintage and no-longer-produced models.

If I had to direct any criticism towards the piece – and I’m nitpicking here – it would be only that the “Lange” engraving on the Platinum buckle is a bit gaudy on a timepiece that is otherwise so elegant in construction and design.  Of course the same engraving is used across the Lange line, and doesn’t seem so out of place on their larger, sportier timepieces.

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IWC Aquatimer

This article is by Kristin Kramer who is typically on the back-end of aBlogtoWatch but has taken the time to share a recent interesting experience

Max here. I think the Oris Diver GMT (see: maybe a great alternative that is on the low price point side. It has bi-directional bezel and GMT hand and good looks. I have seen and handled it in person at an AD, and I must say I was impressed, especially when you consider the price point: ~00.00.

The Sinn T1 and T2 Titanium Dive Watches Hands-On

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Rado Thinline

But the question I had, and the question that continued to linger in my mind was: who was this Ariel Adams? This Ariel Adams who seemed to write articles everyday, and who seemed to have access to so many watches that I had not heard of. I had this question and it remained on my mind for a long time.

Gustafsson & Sjogren Winter Watch & Holiday Wishes Watch Releases

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Rolex Explorer II watches

John discusses a Girard-Perregaux Chrono Hawk watch he is reviewing and I discuss a Blancpain Fifty Fathoms that I am reviewing. Which is the better watch? Then we proceed to get into the dirty details of smartwatches and the potential failings of Bluetooth. Of course, Casio is about to come out with new Bluetooth watches that may just have us eating our words. Also, Rolex.

Linde Werdelin Oktopus II Moon Watch Hands-On Hands-On
Linde Werdelin must be working overtime in preparation for BaselWorld as they have announced a new edition of the Oktopus II, called the Moon. Three years ago, LW launched the Oktopus Moonphase and these new models build upon the same platform but will be limited to just 59 units. Why 59? Two different variations of the new Moon models and our lunar cycle takes a total of 29.5 days to complete. Ariel was able to get some images of the piece when seeing the brand recently so we can show you a hands-on look in addition to Linde Werdelin's pictures.

BEST FROM: aBlogtoWatch and Friends July 19th ABTW Round-Ups

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Omega Marine

Baume & Mercier Clifton Complete Calendar Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

So what has Mr. Gauthier done about this? Well in short he has shortened the chain, replaced the cone (fusee) with a snail-shaped cam, included synthetic rubies into the chain, and stuck the whole darn thing right on the dial. Sexy! I guess this is no longer a fusee and chain mechanism but rather a "snail and chain." The snail cam is said to work better than the cone because the chain doesn't have to move (up and down) and slightly bend (aside from its obvious wrapping around the cam and gears. I suppose that makes sense. Because the chain cannot wrap around it as much, the chain is shorter compared to a traditional one. Also, to minimize or negate the need for lubrication, the chain is fitted with ruby links. Now that is pretty cool. But you know, I still mostly like just being able to see it on the dial.

But back to the references to the original, which include the case back engraving, which features the Aurora 7 mission insignia. Staying in line with the Breitling aeronautics lineage, the watch features a slide rule around the dial, allowing for the calculation of any number of things required for airborne navigation via the bi-directional rotating bezel.

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Tudor Rose

If what I have just said describes you, then let me tell you that this was the state I was in only four months ago. For more than two years prior, I had been an avid reader and follower of ABTW. I made it a point to log on to the website every day as part of my ritual, and the articles within have even prompted some satisfying watch purchases that would not have been made, had I not known about them from aBlogtoWatch.

For a country so known for conservatism, the Swatch D'Schwizer timepiece is a rare public display of Swiss humor. Page 1 of the 2012 Swatch Group annual investor report is humorously decorated with satirical versions of each of the 26 Swiss cantonal coat of arms (you can see the official Switzerland canton coat of arms list here on Wikipedia). These clever and actually funny satirical images have found themselves on a new limited edition Swatch timepiece called the D'Schwizer.

REMINDER: New York aBlogtoWatch Event With Girard-Perregaux July 25th Shows & Events

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A lange Sohne


Just take a look at their website if you are unfamiliar with the brand, and allow the sleek and clean presentation seduce you into wanting to own one of their watches. I know this, because every single one of the people I have spoken to about Bremont in the UK, references that one experience when a shift occurred that told them that this brand was pretty cool.

MeisterSinger Perigraph Date Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

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