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The case design of the DiaLOG is carried over from models such as the X-Ray from last year. The dial is what is new - as well as the crown. Itay Noy increased the size of the crown to better accommodate winding the manually-wound Swiss ETA Unitas 6498-1 mechanical movement. The movement offers the time with subsidiary seconds and should be visible through a sapphire crystal display on the back of the watch.

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Episode 100 - we finally made. Not that we are stopping here, but we'd like to remind you that we have been spending over 2 years talking watches with you. In this episode we discuss the Omega Speedmaster Racing, Breguet's Classique Chronometrie 7727 watch, Linde Werdelin's Oktopus II, and the availability of the HourTime iPhone app.

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Written by James Stacey

HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 117 – Brazillian Watch Wax

HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 117 – Brazillian Watch Wax

Seiko Star Wars C-3P0 SDGC015

  • Steel case size: 41.7mm [outer diameter], 12.4mm [thickness]
  • Movement: Caliber 6R21 automatic mechanical
  • Accuracy: +25 seconds to -15 seconds difference per day
  • Jewels: 29
  • Sapphire crystal with hard coating
  • Water resistant to 100 meters
  • Limited edition of 600 watches
  • Price 136,500 yen (U.S. about ,750)

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The movement offers a highly unobstructed view of the tourbillon, which adds a particular high-brow cache to the movement for "those" in the know. Notice that the tourbillon cage is relatively large being 14mm in diameter. The gold case is unique enough looking with an old-world charm that does seem to mix well with the modern finishing of the movement.

The Meccanico dG was not ready for prime-time in 2008 as I understand it. The complex movement that integrated over 650 parts needed a bit longer to get right. I don't know if de GRISOGONO got it right, but now over four years later, the model still feels fresh and fun - having been offered in various styles over the years since its debut. de GRISOGONO has a bit of a history offering technically ambitious watches that require a bit more time to tinker out the quirks. Though, you have to love their ambition when it comes to these things.

One completely non-electronic optional feature for the safes is a unique historical element made in Switzerland, not America. The Chronos collection can have a mechanical triple redundant time lock (,250 option). This is located on the inner door and is a mechanical override lock that can shut anyone out of the Chronos for up to 144 hours. The three mechanical timers run together and are redundant to ensure it still operates if one or more fails. Say you want to leave for a weekend or longer and are afraid your maid has the code to your safe? You can set the time lock for the requisite number of hours and safely leave. No one using a code or anything else can open the safe until the time runs out.

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In glorious episode 104 we discuss Movado's strange celestial watches, the Bovet Cambiano watch collection, Eterna's cool movements and sometimes tepid designs, as well as the RLH watch lover event series.

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Take a quick look at their watches and it's easy to see why Longines has been able to foster a long-standing relationship with the world of professional tennis. With an old world elegance the designs are an excellent fit for the tone of the sport - as a spectator. I'm generally not one who has much interest in brand ambassadors but Longines takes their ambassador roles very seriously with the job given to the likes of 2010 French Open Champion Francesca Schiavone, as well as tennis legends and notable philanthropists Stefanie Graf and Andre Agassi. Even with only a casual understanding of modern tennis, it is easy to understand why ambassadors like these can be extremely valuable to a brand like Longines.


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You recently got a first look at the new BMW by Ball watch collection here on There you learned that Swiss Ball watches was to be a major timepiece making partner of the Bavarian Motor Works car company. The details were a bit scant but you learned what the pieces were going to look like as well as that there wold be four version to start - one of them a limited edition.

Rather than having names, the watches are just given numeric names between the One and the Eight. Yes, there are eight models total in the first limited edition set. The dials play with monochromatic colors and hints of blue, red, yellow, and green. The dial designs look like creative fusions of maps, buildings, and blueprints. The hands all look like buildings or building spires. It is well done, and certainly well evocative of a theme. I like that some of the dials themselves are produced from cut and then engraved concrete, that is pretty cool.

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The 7751 has two main quirks in my opinion. First is the peripheral date hand. The movement uses the entire dial with a special hand as the date indicator. This makes the date hard to read and adds an additional large hand that you don't want getting in the way of more important things like the hour and minute hands. In fact, I personally don't really like date dials versus windows at all. When using the 7751 you need to take this into consideration and do your best with what you have. Ernst Benz did their best. The hand is as thin as it can be with only a red crescent being conspicuous at the top of the hand. This moon-like bowl cups the date marker which Ernst Benz thankfully leaves as fully written out Arabic numerals on the dial. On a large dial like this, the Chonolunar Officer offers as much legibility as possible when it comes to reading the date.

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You can see that BRM developed a new parachute style logo to go with this collection. The logo is right on the dial with the Bombers name. Rarely is the model name of a watch located on the dial. The dials again are a mix of instrument, art, and plane aesthetics. You can see elements like a compass in there, as well as features taken from traditional aircraft cockpit gauges. BRM did a nice job with the dials, especially given that there is a healthy variety. There are even more dial versions than shown in this article. Doesn't something about the look remind you of classic baseball art styles?

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The variably-sized numerals give a retro, funky, aviator feel to the watch. I've worn it for a business meeting, and it works pretty well for that, not too formal, and not at all flashy. One of the options on their site is gold hands, and I'd suggest going that route as the black-bordered ones are less visible than I would like.

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