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Zenith watches are my newest fascination because they represent unique styling and technical prowess. Zenith Watch Company began in 1865 as a movement maker, and stayed that way through most of its existence. Most of Zenith's endeavors involved providing its strong movements to other watch makers. Zenith movements have been featured in Rolex watches for a long period of time. Regardless, Zenith proved a dynamic manufacture and began producing a line of very high quality watches aggressively priced against the competition.

Finding these watches is rare, as is the case with many "interesting" watches. Luckily for me if I ever am lucky enough to have the the means to purchase one, the watches exclusive dealer is located about 35 minutes from me in Redwood City, CA. I had a chance to meet some of the sales people at Jackson Square Fine Jewels who were very nice and just as watch dedicated as myself. I recommend visiting them if you are in the area ever.

Ulysse Nardin Astrolabium Galileo Galilei Watch Features Lots Of Info: Doesn't Know How To Share The Knowledge Watch Releases Ulysse Nardin Astrolabium Galileo Galilei Watch Features Lots Of Info: Doesn't Know How To Share The Knowledge Watch Releases Ask someone wearing a Ulysse Nardin Astrolabium Galileo Galilei watch what time it is, and they may be forced to flash their wrist at you rather than respond. So what time is it? Your guess is as good as mine. While I can figure it out, this watch reminds me a Dr. Seuss creation gone wrong (all it needs is fur of some sort). So much information, it is virtually a practical joke.

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Based on the configuration and materials (steel, rubber, leather trim available) used, the price for the Tag Heuer Meridiist will be between about 00 - 00. Expect availability soon. Tag Heuer teased us with concepts such as this (Tag Heuer Link watch based phone), but now we can stare at the real thing. Look for it starting September of 2008 at Tag Heuer boutiques and select locations where Tag Heuer watches are sold.

Two broad options represent themselves after you receive a ticket. Pay or fight (hopefully discard and forget are not among your choices). If you pay the fine, you have gone the easy and unintelligent manner. Although it feels like a bit of a headache off your shoulders, the ramifications are not worth it. First you have to deal with the point on your DMV record. This may translate into losing or having your license suspended. Second, is the fact that the DMV reports this information to your insurance company who is more than happy to hear the news. Yes, because they WILL, not may raise your insurance rates. And it is for this reason why it is important to invest the time and/or money into fighting your tickets. When you successfully fight a speeding or traffic ticket, it is like it never existed.

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Oh, Celebrities And Their Rolex Watches!

Oh, Celebrities And Their Rolex Watches!

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Lastly, you need to understand that watch manufacturers usually don't make their own parts, or all their own parts. Parts are often outsourced to different companies or countries. While this is often not an indication of quality, it is worth asking. The label "Swiss Made," does not necessarily mean that a watch is put together in Switzerland or that all the components are made there. This however, is an entirely different conversation.

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The Marcello C. Senatore, A Curious Wink To The Rolex Daytona That I Want To Get My Hands On

The Marcello C. Senatore, A Curious Wink To The Rolex Daytona That I Want To Get My Hands On

In addition you have a big date display and two vertical gauge indicators for two other time zones. This is nicely done, but also not a first. It might take some getting used to reading the time in this format though. Having said all that, I return to my previous point that this is a showpiece watch meant for a desk or alike. While it is useful as daily timepiece, I doubt even Hysek would recommend that. Instead, this is a serious statement for complexity, and Swiss watch maker's own brand of science fiction. The character of this watch is enough to appreciate it, beyond merely being impressed by the price. Take for instance the "traditional" power reserve indicators used in the watch. There are at least two mainsprings in this watch that are visible under reserve magnifiers on the face. Instead of looking at a power reserve gauge, you just look to see how tightly wound the spring coils are. If they are loose, you wind it. A very simple method, but effective, and I like how Hysek emphasized it by placing them under magnifiers.

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Zenith Mega Port Royal Tourbillon Watch: Expensive Answer To Question No One Asked  Watch Buying Say, why don't they have a jumbo sized square tourbillon watch with cage bars on the crystal? Oh, well Zenith does, and this odd homage to goth time-telling befuddles my sense of association. On the one hand, you have the underpinnings of a high-quality Zenith Port Royal watch. This handsome tank watch is a modern interpretation of the classic rectangular watch look. On the other hand... you have a black titanium cage.

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Inside are all Swiss automatic movements. The configuration looks like a Valjoux 7750, but the size of the watches would suggest use of the new ETA Valgranges movement which offers the same features as the Valjoux 7750, but is larger. Speaking of chronographs, you'll notice the large screw cap on the crown connected via a little clasp to the bottom side of the watch. This is a bit of a vestigial element on the watch, but is meant to assist with water resistance. It used to be that one method of ensuring a water-tight case was to seal in the crown. Since then, other effective means have come out, like crowns that themselves screw in, or tighter gaskets that don't allow water in at high pressures. If you want to adjust the crown on this watch, you unscrew the cap, it dangles on the little hinge so that it does not get lost, and a smaller crown is revealed underneath.

Citizen Campanola watches are increasing in popularity, but these limited edition watches won't increase in availability. For lovers of high-end quartz, Japanese, or fascinating watches, the Citizen Campanola makes an excellent luxury watch fit for everyday wear and utility. Price wise, these auctions are starting off at a very reasonable amount well below the retail cost of the watches.

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WatchTime magazine recently referred to this watch as having super strength. Sinn is known for making the ultimate in rugged mechanical time instruments. Almost no one can match the strength and sophistication that Sinn puts in a completely mechanical watch. The case and bracelet are made out of Tegimented steel which is much stronger than normal stainless steel, by many many vickers. The Sinn 757 UTC watch features the time (without seconds though), a 12 hour chronograph, and a GMT hand for a second time zone. That with the rotating bezel makes it a nicely featured watch. Even though the watch lacks a seconds hand for the normal clock, it does have one for the chronograph if needed. Still that is something to consider when you are sitting on lone sandy beach counting the seconds away. Check for the Sinn 757 UTC on a Tegimented steel bracelet or a variety of leather straps. Sinn is also an innovator in terms of movement longevity. Utilizing special oils or oil free mechanisms, you can be sure your Sinn watch will last. In fact, one goal of the company is to create a virtually maintenance free mechanical watch. Good news for years of isolation.

No one who likes watches doesn't like cool gadgets. Gadgets are little morsels of functional goodness. Items designed specifically for the purpose of doing one or more things (aside from sitting there). Gadgets can be tools, but can also be so much more. So if you don't like cool gadgets, then stop reading. But if you do, then this new line of products from Canadian Veldini will certainly evoke an audible "cool" from you.

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Review of the Casio G-Shock Giez 1000BJ From

Review of the Casio G-Shock Giez 1000BJ From

Even though Omega does spend a good amount on advertising, it was assisted by Tourneau in this venture. Tourneau is one of the nation's largest retail watch stores, offering all level of watches, from a few hundred to many thousands of dollars. Losing steam to online watch shops, Tourneau is betting on the viewership of TV audiences attract potential watch buyers to it's overpriced stores.

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The Nettuno 3 and Tridente share bracelet designs but the dimensions are a bit different. The Nettuno 3 bracelet is 20mm wide, and the Tridente bracelet is 22mm and a bit more thick, and also features flexible inner links. Frankly, I find both watches to extremely comfortable. I also feel comfortable saying this having worn many different watch bracelets. Sizing the bracelets is easy if you have the right tools. They each use screws in the links for easier changing. I do recommend however having a high quality screw driver which is the right size, else you will run into trouble. The screws are in tight (for a good reason), and are of the same high quality steel as the rest of the watch. An interesting feature of the Tridente is that it offers a removable bracelet extension. Both watches have a bracelet extension (used to make the watch fit over a diving suit), but the extension can be removed on the Tridente if you do not plan on using it. This is a nice option to have (as I have admittedly never used the diving extension). A minor issue with the Tridente that I own due to the fact that I purchased it new, is that the clasp on the bracelet is extremely tight closing until you wear it in a bit. This is a known issue among watches that I have experienced with other brands such as Tag Heuer. It basically means that taking off your watch requires some prying power when you first get it. Not a big deal, but it amuses me that like a car, you need to "break in" a new watch.

Well new ground has been broken, and I would pay good money to learn the buttering up process involved in getting George Clooney to adorn a watch maker's monocle (called a loupe) and lab coat for this photo shoot. Good thing Clooney looks perplexed in this shot, because while I am sure he owns a few Omega watches, he has never had any experience making them or working on them. Imagine the cajoling required to get him to wear this outfit. "Great shots of the De Ville Mr. Clooney, now put this on your face like so... and wear this coat. Lets try it again. Aren't WE looking technical Mr. Clooney?"

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Handmade Steampunk Wearable Art: New Item From Olga Narozhna

Handmade Steampunk Wearable Art: New Item From Olga Narozhna

The available options are blogs (such as, forum sites, and watch vendor sites. The problem is that no one of these has all the information you need, or even all the information in a given category. Further still, I don't even know of a website that has a complete list of all available watch brands. It is possible that this is a tall task, given the fact that there are several hundred watch makers from all over the world. One might compare such a list to car manufacturers, of which there is a much more limited number. Regardless, it seems illogical no one one source can give a list of all the watch manufacturers.

As is the location of Watches-brand in China, a ton of fake watches are made there. High production capacity along with no regard for intellectual property rights makes it the perfect place to make fake watches, only fake watches are by no means a perfect alternative to decently make watch. It is an ongoing conversation, but I will leave it at that.