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Oh yes, the Aventador has a sweet engine note. The almost comically small rear window (that surprisingly allows for a decent rear-view) has a button to raise and lower. Why? So that the driver can lower it to hear the engine growl just that much better when they want to. Furthermore, the Aventador Roadster has a removable top that comes off in two pieces. It is even designed to stow in the front cargo bay, but don't think there will be room to store anything else. Luggage needs to be portered around separately.

Completely designed, developed and produced by Hublot manufacture engineers and watchmakers, the MP-05 LaFerrari further distinguishes itself by a 50-day power reserve - a world record for a hand-wound tourbillon wristwatch. Conceptualized alongside the Ferrari team, a complex shaped sapphire crystal echoes the sports car's outline, as does the case back, which is made from black PVD titanium.

Cartier continues to appeal to modern tastes in how it sizes its watches. The Rotonde de Cartier Earth And Moon Tourbillon will be a stately 47mm wide in a solid platinum case. There will be a blue sapphire crystal cabochon in the crown because... well because it is a Cartier. The deep blue and platinum tones should prove to look fantastic together, and the Rotonde-style case is attached to a black alligator strap.

Watch guys seem to be clamoring to the Exosuit. Writer Michael Lombardi, who blogs for National Geographic, took a picture holding the Exosuits' manipulation claw with his hand that includes a shameless wrist shot of his Deep Blue watch. He even wore his diving piece upside down "watch advertisement-style" offering a better view of it for the picture. Now that is dedication. Want an Exosuit for yourself? Pretty sure you can get one but the price is .5 million.

WATCH GIVEAWAY: Marvin Origin Gent Mechanical

WATCH GIVEAWAY: Marvin Origin Gent Mechanical

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Even though this is already a thick movement, I think it would have been wonderful for Christophe Claret to design the Maestoso as an automatic. That would have really added another level of functionality. Christophe Claret himself strikes me as the kind of person who really enjoys manually winding a watch, but I can't help but feel that the Maestoso would have made for a cool automatic - especially since there wouldn't have been much for the rotor to "hide" on the back of the case.

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Having said that, you should not spend more than you can afford on a watch. If you can afford a lot for a new watch that is all the better, but if you are pushing yourself only to think you can later resell your watch and recoup your investment, it might be worth managing your exceptions a bit. They don't call them "luxury watches" for nothing.

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After a few years of revisions and model interpretations of its original watch, Swiss SevenFriday is about to release its second model collection with the M1 and M2 watches which are due for release next month in June of 2014.

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Richard Mille To Debut Incredibly Expensive Carbon NTPT-Cased Watch

Richard Mille To Debut Incredibly Expensive Carbon NTPT-Cased Watch

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BEST FROM: aBlogtoWatch & Friends October 11, 2013

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Most watch lovers know that Cartier was an early pioneer of the wristwatch, especially for men. It was not until the 20th century that wristwatches enjoyed any real “mass production” and the transition from pocket to wristwatch did not occur overnight. When Cartier entered the wristwatch market it was still a product for the very wealthy. Small mechanical movements were still rather exotic, and a timepiece was still a serious (yet necessary) investment for most mainstream consumers. At a special Cartier exhibit located at the Grand Palais in Paris, we were able to view some of the earliest Cartier men’s watches ever made.

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Cartier Tonneau watch from 1911

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Does changing the strap of a watch from the original affect the value? I'm talking mainly leather, I would imagine changing bracelet style straps would definitely affect the value. Thanks.

With various competing international laws and complexity of suing based on intellectual property claims when no patents apply, and when copyright cannot be enforced, it is less common than you may think for watch brands to sue each other for design-copying. Looking at industries from automobiles to clothing, a high degree of mimicry occurs that doesn't get to the point of a 1:1 copy, but is clearly an instance where one brand is emulating a design feature of another. This is simply "fair play" and the role of high-end brands is the most difficult because they need to be constantly original when releasing new products. They also more or less known that dozens of "cheaper alternatives" are going to borrow their work almost immediately.

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These subtle changes to the case has had a profound effect on the way the PAM 372 looks and wears. Overall, it looks less bulky, and despite its massive size, I found that it fits better than the smaller 44mm Luminor 1950 watches. It’s less top heavy, and sits closer and more snugly to the wrist. I have smaller 6.5-inch wrists and I found the PAM 372 to be comfortable enough to wear the entire day. That said, the PAM 372 is by no means a small watch at 47mm wide.

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As with other Brietling Chronomat models, one can customize the Airborne by choosing either the Breitling pilot steel bracelet or the new military black fabric that completes the tool character of this watch while keeping the vintage inspired touches.

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