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The final design might change a bit, but these renders will reflect how the final versions will look. I anticipate these being a limited production series which we may see in real life closer to the end of 2012. Devon's designer makes it clear that watches from Romain Jerome (going back to designs from Yvan Arpa, as well as their current Steampunk collection) were a major influence in the design of the Tread 1 Steampunk. At the same time, the larger picture of the industrial revolution and core functional concept of the Tread 1 DNA helped inspired the design.

The LCD screen is LED backlit and very high quality. This type of screen sits in mostly all of the high-end digital LCD screens I have seen on watches. The background is black while the numerals are a pale green. The system uses numerals that look more rounded and elegant compared to those you see on most digital LCD screens. While the screen is susceptible to glare and low light, it is easily viewable in most environments. The default screen shows the time with either the seconds or the date below on the second line.

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There are some areas that titanium is beaten by steels. For instance the stiffness, which denotes how much the material deflects under loads. Steel has higher stiffness, much higher. But I think in a watch case it is not an important property. Maybe, except for diving watches.

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Having previously owned a Tag Heuer Aquaracer WAN2110 300m diver, I rather like this new model with its more subtle dial design, smaller case and the simple fact that its sapphire crystal is not adorned with a clops magnifier. The 300m WAN2110 is thin, simple and nicely made, essentially everything that a dress-diver buyer is looking for. What concerns me is the thought of having a Tag Heuer dress diver, but no sportier older brother. The WAN 300m makes more sense when you know, in the back of your mind, that while you chose the dressy option, the same company makes a tougher and more aggressive 500m model like 2009's WAJ series. I am quite sure that the new WAK is a serious diver, what with its 500m water resistance and SMP-like HeV manual release at 10 o'clock on the case side, but the "last gen" 300m and 500m Aquaracers complimented each other nicely. Those used to the previous generation models are encouraged to "try before they buy" as the new Aquaracers are more a re-think than evolution on the existing collection.

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Some readers will note that Bremont is not exactly a household name and I would agree that you are paying less for the Bremont name than you would for some of the more recognizable brands (consider Rolex, Omega or IWC). Still a rather small company from across the pond, those that need their watch to be of a specifically renowned brand should likely look elsewhere. If you wear a watch because it speaks to you, and not simply about you, Bremont is definitely worth your consideration. With their first boutique having recently opened in London, it would seem that Bremont is still very much on the rise and many early adopters may soon by saying "I told you so" to those who doubted this small brand from England.

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What are they? Diesel specially created these two limited edition watches to go with the look of hero Batman or villain Bane. Based on the brand's SBA collection of watches (that actually stands for "Super Bad Ass"), the Diesel Bane or Batman Dark Knight Rises watches are a fun and functional accessory to the movie.

As a red watch this Chopard is rather red. They didn't go nuts with the color, but few watches share such a richly red hued dial. Nevertheless, the dial isn't just a red wash. There are white and silver tones in there as well. Chopard was able to color the large chronograph subdials with a different color, and the chapter ring outside of the hour markers is also black and white with red five minute markers. While the tachymeter scale is there, Chopard really down plays it as it is placed on the polished bezel - probably a good idea.


Limited to a total of 5000 pieces, the Seiko Star Wars watch collection is a fun treat from the Japanese brand - though they aren't budget priced. While not high-end luxury priced, the Star Wars watches range from about ,620 - ,820 in US dollars. Only slim deals are to be expected as the best models are going to be really popular. Consider me excited. For the mega fan, Seiko will release a yet to be detailed "SPECIAL SET" (150 of them I believe) of all six Star Wars watches, which is said to include a few other fun items as well. Again, look for a Seiko Star Wars watch release on October 12, 2012. Seiko even has a dedicated micro site (in fancy HTML5) here in Japanese.

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Written by James Stacey

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HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 117 – Brazillian Watch Wax

What you are looking at is actually two different models. One is the Nautica NSR 100 and the other is the Nautica NMX 650. Both watch families come in a range of colors, but the NSR 100 seems to have a few more options and is the less expensive of the two. The NSR 100 watches are 44mm wide in steel with plastic bezels. The crystals are mineral glass and the cases are water resistant to 100 meters. The NSR 100 is typified by a larger crown and bright colors (aside from the black version) with matching dials, bezels and straps. The straps are actually silicone. I don't have a problem with silicone straps for the most part (aside from the fact that they get really dirty with ease), and you'll notice that people use them instead of polyurethane when wanting to offer a less expensive alternative to rubber. That's right, rubber is pricey people.

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Not all of these items are watches, but most are. High-jewelry (or haute joaillerie as it is often known) enjoys having "mystery display" watches where dials are only revealed after opening or sliding something to the side. That is certainly the case with an item I have not covered in this article, but will in a separate piece. It is just too amusing to be part of a pack, and is how Cartier does Pandas.

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Alligator leather strap with protective rubber lining

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  • Black IP coated steel case size: 43.4mm [outer diameter], 11.0mm [thickness]
  • Movement: 8B82 Caliber quartz movement with radio correction
  • (station receives two automatic selection of Japan) wave correction
  • Solar charging function (from time to time. Driving power save about six months from a full charge, driving for 2 years from full charge)
  • stopwatch function (measured 1/5 second, 60-minute, measuring up to 6 hours)
  • time accuracy: 15 ± seconds per month difference (in case you do not receive the standard radio, if it is worn on your wrist at temperature 35 ℃ 5 ℃ ~)
  • Sapphire crystal with hard coating
  • Water resistant to 100 meters
  • Limited edition of 800 watches
  • Price 136,500 yen (U.S. about ,750)