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Want One Location For Watch Information? Not Much Out There

Want One Location For Watch Information? Not Much Out There

Authorized dealers themselves are not to blame. For the most part, they have their hands tied because of agreements with distributors and watch companies. It is hard to determine the major reason that watch companies are not willing to focus online with greater attention, but I would say that is has to do with the traditional watch distribution channel.

Sylvester Stallone Ogles A Few New U-Boat Watches: Makes Panerai Jealous? Feature Articles


Black & Blue Fighters: The Kobold Phantom Tactical & Sinn 203 Arktis Watches Sales & Auctions Watch Style Please don't make me choose one of the two. Both are highly desirable to me. Are you really going to make them fight for my affection? I wonder who would win. Here you have two Valjoux 7750 automatic movement based watches from American and Germany, though the movements are Swiss.

I have a fondness for watches like this because they embody pure utilitarian fantasy. There is probably no person in the world that needs this watch, but it delivers in every way. It is light, functional, resistant, and durable. Yet it does nothing other watches cannot do which are a fraction of the price. There is no watch in the Defy Extreme line which is under about 00. Regardless, there is a whimsical element in wearing the watch that says something about what the wearers wants to be doing, rather than does do. This is the most over-the-top tool that exists in the watch world that I know of right now. The fantasy lies in that, and the excess. Like a futuristic weapon or vehicle out of a movie, this showy piece of wrist furniture works in the real world, but does not yet fit in the real world. If you see someone brandishing this, question their grasp of reality. With that clear, I want one badly.

The Omega Speedmaster X-33

The Omega Speedmaster X-33

Very Rare Linde Werdelin Land Instrument Available On eBay Now; Awesome Data Tool Sales & Auctions Very Rare Linde Werdelin Land Instrument Available On eBay Now; Awesome Data Tool Sales & Auctions Back in December I raved about the very well-done Linde Werdelin Land Instrument. The curious watch computer was more than a futuristic digital module on your wrist. It was a senor laden array of features and important data. British Linde Werdelin created the Land Instrument to fit on top of its existing watch line, literally. The Land Instrument can be used alone, on its own watch strap, or mounted right on top of a Linde Werdelin Biformeter watch.

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Customized Vacheron Constantin Quai de l'Ile Collection Makes Me Sigh With Despair At The Sheer Pointlessness Of Message Behind This Watch Watch Releases Do you recall thinking how dumb it was to combine a toaster oven and a radio? Perhaps it could have some conceivable space saving use; but really, What is the point? To prove it can be done? If you haven't heard of concept, it stems from the idea of unnecessary convergence products. You see combinations of products like this all the time, and sometimes they make more sense than others. Other times however, the whole idea is so repugnant both visually and in execution, that it just makes you upset. Not upset at the idea itself, that is all fun and games, but combining X and Y would be cool! Rather, what is disturbing is the notion that a dedicated group of otherwise intelligent people sat down for months designing, engineering, and executing a monstrosity. Having said that, the following is my perception and opinion of the new Vacheron Constanin Quai de l'Ile collection, which follows this theme.

For 2008, Citizen is releasing a handful of interesting offerings at Basel World. None the least of which are two Eco-Drive based Citizen Campanola watches. The Eco-Drive based Campanola watches represent a small segment of the entire Campanola line, and of course different movements. The challenge has been in allowing for the watch dial surface to be penetrated by light, yet still maintain an attractive look, befitting the Campanola moniker. Eco-Drive movements are light powered (almost all light, not just sun-light) and must have special dials as the photoreceptors lay beneath this surface. Most Campanola watches have beautifully ornate dials which are hand painted. The amount of pigment and lacquer on the dials makes it impossible to implement an Citizen Eco-Drive movement, but as you can see, this is not the case for all Citizen Campanola watches.

The Azimuth Mech - 1 BMF instantly makes sense in terms of reading the time. I would never approve of any watch that made it too difficult to tell the time. The Azimuth Mecha - 1 BMF uses a modified ETA 2824-2 movement which has been modified. The modification process probably adds a couple of gears to move around the placement of the indicators. The result works well, and it is a benefit to the watch that it is powered by such a workhorse. The rest of the watch is top quality. The large case is 50mm high and 43 mm wide. This is big, but not gigantic by today's standards. Not the type of watch you have to worry about turning into a weight on your wrist. Instead this is a wonderful mechanical time telling instrument. As such, it is a perfect compliment to the detail orientated person who wants a precious tool on their wrist to compliment the other precision tools in their life.

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Romain Jerome Builds A Nostalgic Wrist Borne Machine For Alchemists With the Cabestan Titanic DNA Vertical Tourbillon Watch Watch Releases The original Cabestan watch was a bit of a bore in my opinion, at least visually. As though the watch remains unfinished, it lacks a lot of aesthetic appeal. The operation of the device is likely to be genius, but that does not mean I want it on my wrist, especially for the extremely high price. Then comes Romain Jerome with their special methods of making watches look like parts of antiquity, and the result of the treatment is a great looking watch machine that appears to be a out of mythical history.

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Marcello C. Classic Duochronograph Watch Vs. IWC Portuguese Chrono-Automatic Watch Watch Shootout Marcello C. Classic Duochronograph Watch Vs. IWC Portuguese Chrono-Automatic Watch Watch Shootout Two great watches, two similar designs, and yet two vast different prices. Sizing up what over ,000 extra will get you. The bilateral chronograph is a beautiful thing. Two registers placed along a vertical radius is classically appealing and high legible. In existence for over 60 years, this style has solidified itself as a true classic.

The case is made from two pieces of steel in a satin finish that well compliments the sheen of the dial and numbers from the enamel. The strap used is interesting as the padded leather type is commonly found on more active watches, rather then art watches. I like the contradiction here, because despite the very avant-garde look of this watch, it strives to be universal in wearability and appeal. Inside is automatic mechanical movement. No quartz here.

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Having said that, you probably cannot be expected to wear the DeWitt WX-1 too often. It is frankly too big to even fit under a shirt sleeve, and you'd be mortified to ding it. On the same note, it is interesting that DeWitt probably spent the least amount of effort on the aspect of this watch that tells the time. The clock portion of the watch sticks out like a node from the mothership. Unlike traditional watches that use hands, the WX-1 has three two rotating discs. Line them up with the small arrow at the top of the dial, and you have the time. First appearance tells me that the discs are some manner of compass or instrument too complicated for my cognition. Closer inspection however reveals numbers commonly found on a watch face, this must surely be where I tell the time, and it is. This isn't DeWitt trying to confuse anyone, but rather to ensure the effect of the watch is not last. The vision of a grand complications, whose read out of information has been as beautifully conceived as the body that holds it.

The two new Citizen Campanola Eco-Drive watches for Basel 2008 represent a departure from the recent Campanola trend of wildly avant garde. Compare these two with the similar watches from a few years ago discussed here. As you will notice, the new ones are decidedly more "mainstream," offering slightly more conservative looks, while still being undoubtedly Campanola. The outer dial design with the roman numerals has been toned down a bit, from some of the wilder fonts Citizen used. The colors used are attractive silver tones with sharp contrasts with the blacks. Watch and dial hands are cleaner, more refined, and elegant. These watches do a better job of stating the time rather than screaming it. Not that screaming the time is bad, in fact I love the more wild Citizen Campanola watches out there, but they can be harder to appreciate for all audiences. These two are stately and sublime in communicating the Citizen Campanola message of quality and design without aristocratic pricing.

Look out for more interest technological achievements sure to benefit your love of watches. Read more about LG circular LCD technology here.

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Because a watch movement relies on predictable oscillation of the balance wheel and release of the mainspring, magnetic forces can have a profound effect on the rotation of the balance wheel and the mainspring. To protect these components, watch makers had to make watch cases impermeable to magnetism. Some of the most effective solutions involved adding a layer of iron into the watch cases, or other non-magnetic metals. I am by no means an expert, but the solutions seems to be work well, and the large watch makers each had their new types of resistant watches.

See Oceanus watches on Amazon here.Oceanus Watches On Sale With Free Shipping: Analog Solar Atomic Watches Sales & Auctions

Review Of The Casio G-Shock GW056A-1V From


The base watch is the UTS Adventure II, which is one of the newer Models, and is a minimalist functional watch. A sort of German interpretation on the Panerai theory of design. Though the UTS is clearly more precise having a greater amount of minute indicators; and a date of course. This particular watch has been outfitted with a Schauer steel mesh bracelet. Mesh bracelets were popular in the 1950's for their comfortable fit and ability to wrap around diving suits wells. They lost popularity to an extent because of their difficulty in construction. Currently, Schauer probably makes the best mesh bracelets, which themselves go for about 0.

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For me, an Invicta watch will never replace the top brands on my list, but that isn't the role for an Invicta watch. Instead, they are functional workhorse watches that are fun and cheap enough to buy without hesitation.

Last week while at a trade show I was lucky enough to win an 8gb iPhone via a fish bowl business card drawing. I was very surprised to say that least, and it was ironic, because not a week before I had signed up with AT&T. Because I loved the phone I bought (HTC Kasier, AT&T branded), I did not want to return it for the subpar iPhone. Instead I thought I could swap SIM cards between the two and use one or the other from time to time. Today I walked into the AT&T store to discuss this idea. Now I want to sell or dontate the iPhone to science.

The watch itself uses an ETA 2892 automatic movement which is probably the best and most versatile movement that ETA offers. I would have liked to see a power reserve indicator on the watch, but perhaps that is for phase two. The 4.80 Scyllis does feature an internal rotating bezel (with excellent looking raised indicators and the yellow industrial looking strip), and a helium escape valve (pressure release valve). These features combined with a water resistance to 300 meters make for a solid and capable diving instrument. Using an integrated rubber strap, the N.O.A 4.80 Scyllis will look good over a dive suit or on your wrist. Hands on the watch are legible being large and slathered in luminant; also typical of N.O.A style hands. I really want to experience one of these watches ASAP, but that will have to wait until at least after Basel World next month. Price has not been announced, but I imagine it will be a few thousand, nothing too exorbitant for a watch this great looking.

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For a trademark to have protection it must not be generic or merely descriptive. The less the mark is associated with a product, the better it can be. And of course, if a trademark is an original work of authorship, it can be copyrighted as well. Take the name "Apple" for computers. When you see the Apple logo, you know what company it came from, but the word "apple" is not original enough to be copyrighted. Thus, "Apple" for computers can be trademarked because it inherently has nothing to do with computers, but cannot be copyrighted.

The young associate at Shapur enthusiastically discusses the DeWitt watches, and how they sell. He mentions the fact that many younger buyers are drawn to the DeWitt pieces. This fact does not surprise me, save for the reality that DeWitt watches are hard to come by, and you have to actively look for them. What I means is that most DeWitt buyers learn about them through investigation and discovery. You'd have to be looking at a dedicated watch magazine to know about DeWitt, or be lucky enough to visit one of the rare locations that carry them. Otherwise, the uninitiated consider something like Rolex, when the opportunity presents itself to buy a nice watch. Mr. Halimi of DeWitt is particularly proud of the fact that DeWitt buyers are watch lovers, learning about the brand, and making a conscious decision to acquire a DeWitt after considering the alternatives (at least from a price perspective). This is certainly not how an average business person would respond, and I am comforted by the fact that DeWitt, is not an average business. For it if was, my impression is that the watches would unfortunately not be the same (because quality and profitability are typically not in accord); another reason I am so drawn to the watch industry. (which collectively shall include has a growing reputation for banning and censoring its members. Banning is typically a severe action reserved for when no other remedy is successful. Banning means that a member is forever disallowed to post or use the forum and site ever again. Sometimes banning effects an e-mail address only, but can include banning entire IP addresses altogether. began as a haven for watch enthusiasts, but now is said to be a haven for advertisers. Current and past users complain that their accounts were banned, or their postings censored or edited to better reflect the interests of the advertisers or owners. This is truly a sad state of affairs for what is supposed to be a member driven watch community.

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Updated Style Marcello C Nettuno 3 For Sale On eBay: Auction Ends Nov-20-07 01:10:27 PST

Updated Style Marcello C Nettuno 3 For Sale On eBay: Auction Ends Nov-20-07 01:10:27 PST

To further whet your appetite, the following specifications give an indication of this watch's hertiage:

U-Boat has been releasing some impressive watches as of late. I have been taking more notice of them, and like where they are going. The sizes range from as low to 45mm and up to 55mm (likely more soon). While you can get watches in steel and gold, they now offer large ceramic cases on the Flightdeck models. Both the gold and ceramic models shown are 55mm and Flightdeck models, but another model U-Boat offer that I like a lot is the "Thousands Of Feet." I'll likely cover that more at a later time.